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Alex Wright - Trance Encounters

The very talented UK based DJ and producer Alex Wright, who has  releases on top labels like Always Alive, Levitate, Sundance, Veritas recordings and Elliptical Sun Energies with support from the biggest trance DJ's in the world including Armin van Buuren. Every month he selects and reviews his 'Top 5 tracks of the month' ahead of his radio show 'Trance Encounters', which is streamed on 1mix Radio every 1st Friday of every month.

Exclusively for 1mix radio Alex Wright offers his top 5 trance encounters for July 2016. Alex has studied music production extensively and he holds BSc degree in Audio & Recording Technology from De Montfort University, Leicester (DMU).

Enjoy reading what he has to comment on each release with his knowledge as a producer and DJ, and don't miss his radio show.

Dreamy - Empathy [Veritas Recordings]
Danish talent Jack Aiman  aka Dreamy is always delivering the goods, no matter what label he chooses. This time he gives us a taste of his energetic pure side building up excitement with driving percussion, rumbling rolling bass, and uplifting melodic touches. A thrashing ride part adds extra fizzle to the groove along with ascending acid squeels. On to the break and a skybourne, uplifting chord progression is released with airy piano notes and an anthemic rhythm chord part to take things into the climax. Empathy has plenty of power and a very tight mixdown, making it perfect for the clubs and melodic 140 lovers!

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Josh Oshima - Voyage [Silent Shore White]
An impressively balanced production here by Josh, blending pulsing rolling basslines with tough drums and an uplifting, almost swingy main melody in the climax. He adds an industrial sort of atmosphere to the backdrop whilst keeping things sounding squeaky clean with impressive transitions and plenty of drive. The breakdown builds plenty of excitement with a nice piano section and rising arpeggios and pads. A really good track that is on the slightly tougher side but still remains bright and uplifting.

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Plutian - Knights Of Cygnus (Allen Belg Remix) [Levitated Music]
The original mix of this track by the consistent talent from South Korea is something to be admired, however this remix by Tunisia's newcomer Allen Belg caught my ear due to its beautiful melancholic take on the track's themes. The way this guy uses his basslines to create a deep, moody, groovy that drives along the percussion tracks and beautiful arpeggiated melodies he creates is exactly to my taste and despite the production being raw, I think this guy shows a lot of promise with his compositions. The break shows his skill at creating interesting textures and sophisticated melodic touches whilst keeping that warm, atmospheric vibe that old Anjunabeats releases gave me. As this guy is also a drummer, you can hear his influence from other genres in his leads which resemble something similar to an electric guitar. A very satisfying take on Plutian's banger of an uplifter here, more tracks in this style please!

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Skysound, Simon Moon & Naeba - Sundown (Architect Remix) [Beyond Belief Recordings]
Offering a great alternative to Skysound, Simon Moon & Naeba's track 'Sundown' is Argentine duo Architect, showing how they can lift a track into the heavens with their own style and atmosphere. The intro is nice and uplifting, foreshadowing the magnificent breakdown that boasts huge pad layers and a tense build which holds the final chord and brings in percussion gradually alongside snare rolls and eventual return to the start of the rewarding chord sequence. The lead is brilliant in the main section giving off an epic feel and has plenty of oomph to it, massive production.

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Suncatcher - Clue Is In The Title [Always Alive Recordings]
Romanian veteran Suncatcher is a producer / DJ I admire greatly and I fortunately had the chance to meet him at this year's Luminosity Beach Festival. Here he brings back the uplifting vibe that he does best, great sound design as always with expertly EQd basslines and interesting FX. A nice vocal chop carries things through in the intro before a bleep signals the oncoming rise of the chord progression in the breakdown. His harmonically distorted wobbly sounds and tight plucks add a great flavour to this one, and it just screams "hands in the air". Check out his cool guitar-like arpeggiated lead before the buildup too which transitions epically into a massive climax. One of his highlights during his set at this year's Luminosity Beach Festival for sure!

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In case you missed it, here is episode 034 of Trance Encounters from Friday night. New music this month from myself, Daniel Kandi, Dreamy Dawn (Official), Edelways Music, Frank Waanders, Markus Wilkinson, Mike Squillo, Miroslav Vrlik, Tempo Giusto, Zack Mia, and others!

Don't miss Alex's Wright Trance Encounters on 1mix radio every 1st Friday of the month from 20.00-21.00 for the very best in trance and progressive. If you wish Alex to feature your track in his show and reviews or to book him for your next trance event please email him: alex_dj[at]live[dot]co[dot]uk

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