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Interview with Edelways by Alex Wright Interview with Edelways. Pushing his own sound of Euphoric Trance for the last few years on labels like Always Alive Recordings, Arcana Music, Crossair Recordings, Elliptical Sun Energies, and Unearthed Records is Russian wonder Edelways, who has kindly taken the time to speak to me about his upcoming projects, his inspirations, how he got started in music, and much more.

Interview was written and conducted by Alex Wright, Electronic Music Producer & 1Mix Radio host.

Alex Wright: Hey Arut! It's great to talk to you ahead of the release of this amazing track and learn a bit more about yourself and what your production career entails, how have you been just lately?

Edelways: Hello there! I am very glad and happy right now. Thank you for the invitation :)

Alex Wright: When did you first start producing and what made you want to start producing your own tunes?

Edelways: It all started on a basketball court when I was 12. After a long and tedious game, I thought about writing music. At that moment I didn't know anything about it, so I asked my friend about it. He told me about FL Studio, and that's where it all started!

Alex Wright: What are your biggest influences towards your sound and what do you love about trance as a musical genre?

Edelways: Trance music for me is the best kind of music as it's very melodious, with a sense of nature and it's timeless. Any music is good in its own way. I listen to everything that has a beautiful melody and a good atmosphere. In my tracks I try to convey depth and power to the listener.

Alex Wright: You seem to be experienced with sound design, what are your go to synths and do you have any tips for producers on how to make great patches?

Edelways: Frankly, I'm a noob with sound design haha. I'm not a genius at synthesis and I don't mix with abstruse plugins. I achieve my sound in a simple way! Any sound that's in your head you can get with basic operations. My advice is if you want to create cool sounds, learn how to enrich them with conventional tools.

Alex Wright: What do you think is your biggest frustration or most difficult part of producing tracks?

Edelways: Finding time and support. Sometimes I don't have enough time, but if people like my work then it motivates me to continue doing new works to share with everybody.  I also feel my studio equipment can sometimes hold me back too.

Alex Wright:  Which DAW do you use and why?

Edelways:  I use FL Studio 11. For me it's very easy to use for creating tracks. It has a very user-friendly interface and a simple layout. I've tried Reason, Reaper, Cubase, Ableton, Studio One etc... but I have not stopped loving my one and only!


Alex Wright: Who are your favourite artists in the scene right now?

Edelways:  To be honest I don't watch the trance scene too much, but I like some of the works of Aly & Fila, Daniel Kandi, and other big stars. For the past two years I've been liking Mat Zo. I look forward to seeing what he will bring in the near future!

Alex Wright: What is your best tip for somebody who is starting out with production and wants to learn as quickly as possible?

Edelways: Today almost anyone can download a template and make a track, and this is the main mistake. A tip from me would be do everything yourself from scratch. The most difficult step is arrangement. Learn to understand the structure of a track, and the rest will come by itself.

Alex Wright: What is your favourite track that you have produced and why?

Edelways: I think it has to be Sorrow. Every time I listen to it, I ask myself, "Is this really me?"

Alex Wright: What are you up to in the future? Can you reveal any projects that you're currently working on or any future plans?

Edelways: I have a lot of plans for the future. Maybe my first album, but not too soon. Now I'm working on a few remixes and a few singles. I also have a couple of collaborations on the way with some nice producers.

Great to hear! Thank you so much for talking to us Arut and I wish you good luck with your future productions! Anybody wanting to buy a copy of the 'North Wind EP' can do so on all download stores NOW via Emergent Skies. If you haven't heard it yet, make sure you listen to both tracks included in this interview.

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